TD Collaborative LLC, 3R Green St., Woburn, MA 01801  Phone: 781-933-6116 Fax 781-305-3736 The best value in viscosity measurement and control In-Line Viscometer   HFO Viscometer   Displays and Accessories   Data Sheet [.PDF]  Viscometers install directly into one-inch pipe Tee, or reducing Tee, or weld saddle, or size adaptors. Require 24Vdc power. Return 4-20ma and RS232 data stream. Six conductor cabling. Viscosity range: 5 - 100cp 10-300cp Temperature ranges 0-180degC  In-line viscometer optimized for Heavy Fuel Oil precombustion measurement and control. Continuous operation to 180 degC. Viscosity range: 2-40cp for best sensitivity in the critical 10 cp range. 4-20ma outputs for viscosity and temperature. Two channel high visibility seven-segment display of viscosity and temperature from VTX423 viscometer.  Includes adaptor for universal mains power input,   RS232 9-pin connector for computer interface, and 4-20ma output header.  Provides clean 24vDC power to  VTX423 viscometers. Optional but very convenient. VTX423 In-Line Process Viscometer Data Sheet [.PDF]  VTX423  Viscometer Data Sheet [.PDF]  D422 Display