How our patented "pinch" technique works  Technical Notes [.PDF] TD Collaborative LLC, 3R Green St., Woburn, MA 01801  Phone: 781-933-6116 Fax 781-305-3736 The best value in viscosity measurement and control TN10354 Serial Communications Menus TN11123 VTX423 and D422 Wiring TN11168 Configuring Hyperterminal TN11169 Serial Port Operations TN11171 Installing the VTX423 Sensor TN11172 Installing the D422 Display Vibrating Cantilever Beam A cantilever beam on the sensor face is excited with an electromagnetic pulse. The tip vibrates, forcing fluid motion in the gap between the beam tip and the sensor face.  Viscous forces dampen the vibration.  We electromagnetically measure the decay rate to determine viscosity.  The sensor face is all welded construction using corrosion resistant materials.  Excitation and detection are done without any wires or feedthroughs using reliable variable reluctance techniques.  [U.S. Patent 6,668,621.] There are no moving parts, no shuttle bobbins to jam, no lead-based piezoelectrics,  no rare earth magnets to collect ferrous material, all packaged in a small, easily installed form factor.  This simplicity reduces cost and enhances reliability. Beam tip detail